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( n o t e s ♥ )

Such a colorful anime. ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

I don't have much to say for once, haha. I found this amazing remix of the song and I've been doing a bunch of ballads so I wanted to switch it up a bit!

Sorry for the peaking!

(   l y r i c s  ♥  )

I never wanted to be just another cog in that corrupted world's machine.

All my life felt like a dream ... I was never who I really wanted me to be!

But then God shattered that dream's cage, and rose me up to a new stage.

Cut it away like a sharp knife, And gave me this new life,

And suddenly there's a new twist, A reason to really exist,

I want to rise up in flames and hear this new world cheer my name,

I see my destiny clear - and I don't care about what they may say,

I'll pave the way, This is my chance to break through, so I'll rewrite my story and finally change all the rules!

I'm forgetting fast, about my past, about the world back then ...

Now's the time ... to put up a fight, and reach the end - I'll play my hardest - to win this!

I'll give it my best, this is a test, and I won't ever lose! I won't waste this chance that's been given to me, Gonna take my aim ... And until I win I'll keep playing - this brand new game!

(   l i n k s  ♥  )

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( c r e d i t s ♥ )

• Artist / Anime: Konomi Suzuki / No Game No Life • Art: • Arrange/Remix: • Vocals/Mix/Video/Lyrics: Jayn

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